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Digital Beaver

Other than ordinary agencies.

Transparency, honesty, for Your business.

More than 15 years experience in software development and online marketing.

About US

Digital Beaver was founded in 2015, from the cooperation of colleges who have been working together in developing digital products
since 2008.
Since that we participated in corporations and medium-sized companies IT projects, while starting with
our own projects in the domestic field.

While running our own business we learnt ourselves how it feels to be an agency’s “account”. Despite the fact that we had the chance to work with a good amount of professionals, in most of the cases we didn’t receive the honesty and attention we would have needed.

Using our observations we launched our third main branch in 2018. We help our partners in software development and comprehensive digital marketing, as well as offering business and management consulting. 



System audit and process examination

Our engineers  audit already existing systems and processes, make recommendations of changes of functions and implement new features.

System developing

After a needs assessment no matter how complex it can get, our engineers find the best possible solution for our partners.

Software development

Implementing heavy-duty, custom-made web softwares is our main force.


Online Marketing Audit

Auditing all of the online marketing activities – including the smallest details. Fixing a wrong setting can save up to a quarter of budget. 


Supervising measurements and analytics in connection with marketing, or even building it up from scratch. Without a well adjusted measurement you can’t control your online marketing processes as well.

Online Marketing / PPC management

The complete management of our partners’ online marketing.

Systems we can work in (including but not limited to):

Google Ads (Search + Shopping + GDN + YouTube ads), Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Firebase, Google AdSense, Google Shopping, Google CSS Partnership,  Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Yandex, Seznam, Google Ads scripts, Google Ads API, Bing Ads, Linkedin Ads, TikTok Ads,  Etarget, Emarsys, Affiliate systems (Tradetracker, Dognet, etc.) Programmatic systems, VWO, Hotjar, Maileon, Mailchimp, Mini CRM, Price comparison sites (Árgép, Árukereső, Favi, Glami, Olcsóbbat, Shopalike), Criteo, RTB, Recommending systems (Product Hero, Gravity, Scarab)

Online Marketing strategies

From where, how and for how much money will my business gain new clients, what is the market size of my business in the digital space now? These are the most frequently asked questions, we are answering with the help of our consultants.

Customised Online Marketing Solutions

Scripts, APIs, designing and developing unique marketing and reporting systems


Strategy planning for digitization

With our partners together we plan how to automatise their manual processes. We are looking for answers to questions which are important in the interest of the company’s digital activities. We give recommendations for a measurable, more efficient functioning.


Financial plan

Most companies don’t make financial plans and don’t control regularly it’s cost and revenue lines based on the appropriate performance indicators. As a result in many cases leaders manage the company with inappropriate decisions. We help to determine the necessary performance indicators, set measurements, and based on that we prepare a detailed financial plan for the company.



“We were working together with many well-known agencies before we found the one we were looking for. We found this team, which sees our webshop as their own and this brought us measurable changes in our conversion volume in just one year. Plus the best part is when once in a while we have some time off in our tight schedule to have a brainstorm with a beer. 🙂

Balázs Orova
CEO – owner

The Digital Beaver PPC team has taken over a multi-agency, complex account over the year, so we expected optimization and fresh ideas from them. We go this to the maximum, with impressive volume growth, steadily declining prices and increasingly efficient channel production.

Fanni Straub
CEO – owner


We started working together with the team of Digital Beaver in connection with the redesigning of our website An 8-year-old, diversified but outdated system had to be replaced, and we were searching for a team we could be important, long-term partners with. The team was able to operate as a professional development corporation, and when needed as a flexible small company they were able to respond immediately. Their expertise in online transactional products is indisputable.

Fanni Straub
CEO – owner


Karola Ábrahám


As it turned out during her internship, she’s a talent in online marketing. There was no question that after graduation she will stay with us, and now she helps our partners full time.

Zoltán Garaba


Zoli is a colleague who, if it is justified to convert a compatible linker based on test reports, is able to serialize the isolated debugger for offline operation and can compile the atomic deadlock by searching for bottlenecks.

Péter Jenei

Marketing / Consulting / Development 

Péter has more than 15 years of experience in development and marketing (as well as) leadership. He can be called an old hand at the hungarian online industry.

András Kiss


He is the older twin brother of Balázs Kiss. The two of them are the core of the development branch. His skills in designing and precision in implementation are hard to surpass. He rejected Larry and Mark among others to be the part of our team. 🙂

Balázs Kiss


There isn’t a task he can’t solve, he finds the right tools for everything. They communicate with his brother telepathically, so it’s not a coincidence that usually after a while our partners are referring to them miracle twins. 🙂 They were only 13, when they recreated the game Boulder Dash in assembly as a hobby.

Ákos Lakatos


Ákos thinks there’s life beyond PHP. In the past he worked as a JAVA, C+ and FLASH developer. He is a jokester and one of the best team players. In his freetime he develops games in UNITY.

Péter Mónus


The jolly joker of the company. He can manage any small to medium project in one person from the beginning to the very end. He is a big tea fan.

Alexandra Schéda

Marketing / Development

We have our own Buddha in her. She supports development as an application tester as well as with her extensive UI and UX experience. Since she likes variety, she is also responsible for managing some marketing campaigns.

Mihály Szarka


Misi spent the last 9 years working in the marketing field he had been in both sides, agency and account as well, while working together with the top online businesses in Hungary and internationally. 


5. Bocskai Street,
6800 Hódmezővásárhely

+36 (30) 473 3293

Digital Beaver Kft. 2020

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